July 31, 2006

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Download articles produced by the Aruba Numismatic Museum. Reports are in PDF format.

Yotin and Debchi:

Words in Papiamento that should not be lost (In Papiamento)

World Mintmarks:

Where was the coin made? (In English)

Wekstuk Kolonie Curacao:

(In Dutch)

Werkstuk Nederlandse Antillen:

The periode of 1954 – 1986 (In Dutch)

The World's First Coin:

Seventh Century Coins (In English)

The Spanish Netherlands:

Timeline 1499 – present In English)

Reales in Dutch WIC:

Dutch West Indies Company used Spanish Reales (In English)

Pillar Dollar:

From Spanish Reales to US Dollars (In English)

Numis Facts:

Facts about the creation of coins by hand (In English)

List of Governors:

A limited list of governors (In English)

Introduction to Numismatica:

The art of collection and researching money (In Papiamento)

Florence and the Florin:

The creation of the Florin (In English)

Dutch West Indies Company:

What is the Dutch West Indies Company? (In English)

Dushi Papiamento:

A little history about the creation of our money (In English)

Cob Coins:

Small description of these Spanish Coins (In English)

Change Culture:

(In English)

Culture Awareness:

Information about important exposition (In Papiamento)

Article Amplia bo conocemento:

Article explaining coin designs of Aruba. (In Papiamento.)

Article Florin:

Article about the evolution of the Aruban Florin. (In Papiamento.)

Article Yotin:

Article explaining the origins of the Aruban Yotin. (In Papiamento.)

Fun Sheet Vragen:

Fun questions for kids concerning our money. (In Papiamento.)

Information Antique Museum:

Small information sheet about the Antique Museum in Aruba. (In Papiamento.)

Article Dibtjie:

Article about the Aruban 10 cents coin. (In Papiamento.)

Article Chamber of Commerce:

Where money meets history. (In English.)

Article Egyptian Money:

The Egyptian period from 301 -189 BC. (In English)

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