July 31, 2006

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Juan Mario OdorMuseum

On November 24th of 1955, on his 36th birthday, Mario Odor was digging in his flower garden when he found two old coins. One of them was a one penny of 1790 and one half-penny of 1788, both of them where “Tradesmen” copper Irish tokens.

These coins circulated in this region in a time when colonists, traders, merchants and even pirates traveled these Caribbean seas. These two coins he found sparked Mario’s idea of starting to collect coins and paper money.

Aruba Numismatic MuseumThe Aruba Numismatic Museum was established on November 13, 1981 and lodges the private collection of Mr. Odor and is the first Numismatic museum established on Aruba.

The museum contains over 40.000 different pieces covering over 400 countries. This fantastic collection contains approximately over 110 different collection on their own, for example: primitive, strange, zoo, proof, counter stamp, over struck, mini, chop-coins, errors, leprosarium, gold, ration, F.A.O. dollars & crowns, commemoratives, center holed, scalloped, square, wooden-coins, tokens, medals, food-coupons en much more.



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